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Once at home, a Cancer man wants to feel at ease and completely unwind, usually while wearing sweatpants or a robe. Even though smoking jackets and slippers have fallen out of style, you might see a Cancer man rocking this look while sitting in his big cozy chair near the fire.

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Usually excellent cooks, Cancer men prefer eating at home to going out, delighting in simple repast and filling comfort foods like soups and stews. Cancers are drawn to relics of yesteryear, and often have a longing for the traditions and tastes of days gone by — so you may see his home crammed with antiques and family heirlooms. He will hold onto passed-down possessions for their sentimental value, even if they are no longer beautiful to behold. The Cancer dad is characterized by warm, loving traits. These natural-born nurturers are often found readily spooning mush, changing diapers, and rocking little ones to sleep.

Being a stay-at-home dad would suit most Cancer men just fine — they would rather be home with the kids, cooking and caretaking, than out being a provider which they can often take far too seriously. Bringing home the bacon is taken very seriously for this sign, and their role as breadwinner sometimes forces them into overwork. Cancers can easily get into a vicious cycle of working their butts off for long shifts, and then coming home to collapse and recover before doing it all over again, ad nauseam. When they vacation, they prefer to do so for longer than most people at least a month at a time so that they can fully immerse in relaxation.

This extremism can result in burnout and neglect of their own needs, and friendships outside of their partner and children frequently fall by the wayside when a Cancer man is in work-mode. They do best with working for or with good friends, though they will always be most loyal to their significant other and family — all other considerations come second.

From the start we had this crazy sexual chemistry that I have never ever experienced in my life. Anyway, I haven't had sex with him.. BUT because he is a Cancer, he's looking for a girl that he can truly, trulytrust. I think a reason that adds to him liking me MORE is because he really feelslike he can trust me - he knows that if I'm not sleeping with him because of mymorals, he can trust me to not sleep around after we're married.

I truly think that I have found my soulmate!

The Cancer Woman: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

I give everybody a fair chance. I mean dam. I love youboo. I'm a Cancer my x also a Cancer. I knew him well as he knew me. Being so alike its like the war of the roses. I am a Cancer, and so is the guy I like. They try to stereotype us as being emotional, and sensitive, and neither one of use are like that. We have a lot of things in common, and I find the closest to it is the fact we don't get so emotionally attached, we just have a likeness to one another that makes the other happy. We just like being together, it's as simple as it seems.

We're also both social, more him than me, but I don't find that just because you're born under a month and day, and they give you a sign of Cancer, that you fall under that type of person. Sometimes you believe it, and that's what makes you that way, more than you're actually that way. We have the same exact birthday When I first met him he was very quiet, and did not try to anything with me but juts maybe a what's up on a myspace message once, now he found me on facebook and has been trying to hangout.

One thing though, he now has a kid with his ex of ten years. I do not know what to do because knowing myself I will fall in love quickly just by knowing kind of how he is, I really like him. What will be the best way to go about things as far as making him feel comfortable about me being in his kids life and vice versa. Also, how do I prepare myself to not ever , I mean ever get jealous of his pre existing family. I ask because in my dreams, I always pictured being the first to have his kid. It is not the case now with the person im really looking into as a potential mate.

Scared , I am! Please say anything. Thank you! Cancers know the heights of joy and bliss, but they also know very well the depths of resentment and rage Both male and female Cancers know this well. This is not medical fact, but I speak from experience that we both have gone off the deep end, and many Cancers push people away because we are so hard to understand, mood wise.

We don't even understand them, those awful moods. As parents we hover over our children, and we also do that with our significant others far too often. My Cancerian man, Leo arising and me, Taurus arising, have been seeing each other 4 years now, our relationship has had many downs rather than ups, we are so good when were together at the same time we resent each other when we spend time with friends. Trust plays a big part for Cancerian as you might know, male or female He on the other hand knows I will always be there whatever he does..

I don't think it would be the same with the shoe on the other foot. Male and female Cancerian are so different, we just have the same insecurities, emotions, and love for everyone around us and those we are intimate with that makes us so compelled to one another. We love unconditionally, which make us prone to pain that we never forget, but always forgive. I am dating a Cancer man, am a Cancer girl. We're both born on 4th July.

The good is sooo good. The bad is sooo bad. I am in a dilemma. I love him so so so much. Too similar to be compatible. When we first met it was like we had known each other for as long as I could imagine like soul mates. We knew what each other was thinking it was amazing. But I have noticed he has extream mood swings. If I don't answer his calls he freaks out and get upset and say stuff like I guess you are not talking to me anymore and don't like me no more so I am not going to text or call you anymore. Then he tells me he is going to erase my number and never call but the next day he is back to his noraml wonderful self and gives me a call.

His moods are like a light switch and when he goes to work the stress he is under makes him want to call me and when I don't answer he gets upset.

He is a very hard working and stable guy and we click so well.. But he is unlike any man I have ever known and he makes me so mad at him I wanna scream and then he makes me so happy I feel wonderful. The once I just put it the way it was he said we are too different and I am not affectionate enough I was too distant and that hurt because I am very loving and kind and affectionate. But I just don't wanna just right in there like we have been together for months on the 2nd date. How can you find common ground to make something work out when you just don't know how to understand such an emotional man?

Recently I fell in love with a Cancer girl. As a Cancer guy, I know that the loyal, jealous, etc etc stuffs are pretty true. And the compatibility table works too, all my ex's are either Scorpio or taurus, all 5 points in all aspect with Cancer people. I am a Cancer woman, once involved with a Cancer man.

We worked together for a couple months when a co worker told me that he was into me but didn't know how to approach me because of our age difference I was 19 at the time and he was When went on one date and he kissed me and it was unlike anything I ever felt before in my life. To feel this way about a man practically a stranger to me made me nervous so for almost two years I pushed him away Then he hit 32 and decided he was ready to get married, we had recently reconnected one month before he proposed.

He called me everyday up until the wedding, we talked on the phone for hours, almost had sex two weeks before the wedding. All the while I was waiting for him to tell me that he'd called the wedding off He didn't want to call it off with her if I didn't want to be with him.

Anywho, we don't speak anymore. He still l oves me, and I love him too much to be caught up in a messy love triangle. So when he told me his wife was pregnant I told him it was time we go our separate ways. Im a Cancer Female and was dating a Cancer Male for the first time for 6 months. Everything was good. We would talk and laugh for hours about everything.

The Cancer Woman

Intimacy was great. Sometimes we would just cuddle and watch television us being homebodies. We are both very busy and work a lot. I was in one of my moods and went of the deep in because he didn't respond to me in a timely manner. I said some hurtful things that I wish I can take back because he has not spoken to me since and hung up on me twice its been two weeks. I put my foot in my mouth for real because I lost my Buddy. These darn mood swings! I replied with humorous comments and very interested physically. I sent him a picture and he says he was blown away how cute, really got me there we continue to probe and probe, asking endless questions, disecting every word, we imagine and visualize to the point of taking our minds and souls to another world.

I am stuck in our fantasy world of romantic poetry, ever so lightly teasing ourselves with single words that entice the imagination. I am a Cancer man and I have met a Cancer woman a few months ago and I feel I've met the love of my life and so she says. A problem in the whole relationship is my work because I am a seaman and I travel 4 months at a time and then I come back. She says she will stand up will wait for me but I try to call her as frequently as I can to make her feel less lonely and I try not to sound needy and moody but supportive and stable.

Cancer Horoscope

The thing is that I've read in everybody else's posts about everything being too ideal and dreamy and too much devotion and loyalty and then this becoming our nightmare. I want to overcome this thing that might be around so please someone tell exactly which were the reasons that made such a relationship beyond reality slip away from each other's arms. I hope other people take advice from these past experiences and come closer to the fruition of the relationship they dreamt of! Thank you everyone! Im a Cancer lady involved with a Cancer guy.

Is rediculious Overly compatible???? Oh how I have learned that Cancer woman are "cake eaters" they want there cake and eat it too. You give it to them and then one day They are done. Then they blame it on sites like this and blame us for where they are in life. Very easily manipulated Cancer women Take it from a Cancer male who would do anything for his partner Chill out and let go of the fear Before us You were begging to find guys like us. Then you get rid of them. Fear can be overcome. And I can tell And you think about him at night still.

Stop making excuses and start showing results. I am a Cancer woman married to a Cancer man. We were born 3 weeks apart. Our relationship is fantastic on every level. We can communicate and understand without having to talk I lean slightly towards being an introvert and him slightly towards being an extravert. We balance each other well. He gently encourages me into to situations by being supportive at my side and letting me ease in at my own pace. There is so much I could say about how great it is to have a mate who understands me to my very core.

Im a Cancer woman july 14th my best friend is a Cancer july 3ed.

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She also has a sympathetic and sensitive side of her, and it is related to her deep emotions. Love Slow and steady wins the race, is what describes cancer women in love. She likes to be gifted and loves to be surrounded by flowers. Relationships Cancer women likes a person who want to spend time with her in a couch, spend time talking and watching television and who could pour wine for her. Friendships Cancer women likes to take care of everyone who are around them and are considerate about others feelings.

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Sex Cancer women describe sex as a slow sensual dance. She likes to have an emotional connection with the person she is in bed with. Career Cancer women tend to maintain a low profile at work, but never take the impression that they do not want to have success in career. Money Cancer women like to have money stashed all around in her house and want to have a bank balance. Family Family and home are most important for cancer women. Wherever she goes, she likes to take care of that place like a home. Fashion Cancer women prefer to be in traditional dresses and likes clothes that are comfortable and feminine. Are you looking for a raise in Career?