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Place of Borth — Ballabgarh Faridabad.

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I got a TR Visa for Australia. I went on As I was not able to get any job there. Why was it happen to me? I informed in my company to send me when they have any opportunity and I am also looking for an opportunity in US based company. When exacty i go to US and how long can i Stay there? Will it be profitable for me t work at onsite? Opportunities are coming but again they are bouncing back due to small reasons. My date of birth is 14 june according to this dob can i go to foreign and when wil i go pls send me reply fastly i want to know it urgently please.

I went through your article but got little confused… actually I have visited many astrologers, but they had been divided in openion when it came to the question of my settlement in abroad…. I am doing M. Sc mobile communication in University of East London. Sir, my question is I am currently looking to arrange tours to holy places like Shegaon, Shridi etc. I want you to guide me. Can i will be able to achive name fame and money and there will be any foregin conaction as per my kundli. Perhaps this will be of some interest for the study of travel and residence abroad. I have watched western tropical and sidereal astrology for 40 years but did not know about Vedic astrology until the age of 28 when I married a foreign Vedic astrologer.

Mars rules 4th and Saturn rules Seventh. When Rahu major dasa began unbeknown to me I left the US for Africa in the same month the Rahu period began; for this entire Rahu rahu period I found myself in various African and Asian countries; during the Saturn sub of Rahu, married a foreigner and settled in a foreign country for mars saturn type of work involving building.

In I will be going into my Saturn period for 19 years.

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Does anyone predict foreign residence and marriage again during this period? I also have moon in 9th ruling 12th. Despite external obstacles during saturn sub periods I have always found these periods to be my happiest, whereas jupiter periods have always been difficult even though I have a jupiter ascendant ruling 5th and 88th, it is opposed by mars.

I also lived abroad when young during my mars major period — the saturn sub period of mars was happier than the jupiter sub period — this held true once again for Sub saturn in Rahu major and Jupiter major as well. It only goes to show that astrology can not be looked at in a shallow way such as saying benefic jupiter gives good results and malefic saturn gives bad ones.

Traditionally the vedic 4th house has to do with inner happiness; even though I have the dark combination of Saturn and Rahu there and there has been darkness I find these periods bring more inner happiness. Conversely, the Jupiter periods, while conveying such things as degrees, children, money and so forth, have always been extremely difficult, miserable, and involving bad or near fatal health issues.

Many astrologers might say my upcoming Saturn period will be bad near homelessness, wandering in foreign lands and so on but if it is anything like all my Saturn sub periods I expect to be deeply happy. Though as per horoscope one is predicted to go abroad all depends upon that particular persons financial position. So we have to look into the financial as well as travel stars, their placement, aspects, dasa , dasa bukthi and etc in the horoscope.

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Alexander, Asoka are great warrior. Both trod extensively to capture kingdoms. In their cases I hope mars also joined with Raghu. In olden days it is quite common in every family their will be a minimum of 4 or 5 children. Now a days hardly one or two? Do you attribute any placement of stars in chart or their combination? In my opinion stars may have both basic as well as sub characteristics.

Because of this their may be a tilt in behaviour and influence on mankind. You may study from this angle not on this point alone. I want to know whether i will be settling in european or american countries in coming years.

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The article by kshitij Sharma on Foreign travel and journeys is quite interesting and informative. Any comments given is only to critisize the rules formulated by our Rishis. We invite more such authors, and we all should encourage such people. Please reply to e on my E-mail address. Lagna lord Venus in 3rd House. Hi, I read your article. I myself was told by many that I will live and work in Foreign countries as my chart suggests. Sagittarius ascendant with lagna lord with moon in 3rd house, Shani in 7th house currently running shani mahadasha till , Sun, mercury, mars, venus in 11th house, Rahu in 12th house, and ketu in 6th house.

Please tell on the basis of your study, is this chart has anything to do with foreign journey as I am still living and working in delhi. Hello, Pls mail me about my query. I am trying for USA for studies recently got refused twice on july30th and sep 30th. So please mail me sir…. Pls tell is there any chance for me to settle in abroad USA.

In my horoscope guru and chandran are in 9th house from lagna and lagna lord is dhanus and currently guru dasa just 4 months before started. Any possibility is there to foriegn travel?

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I have a passion to travel Foreign countries for Job purpose. Do let me know, if I have any opportunity to travel foriegn countries and if yes, when is the time? Currently budha Dasa is happening. Is there any chance for me to go abroad and earn money. What can i do to increase the chances to travel. BEcause of this my career has come to a standstill. When will my travelling resume and when can I expect my career to move ahead. First of all, Your foreign travel is absolutely true.

I am in foreign land at the moment as a permanent resident. I left India before 6 years. I am Kanya Lagna. I have my 12th lord Sun with lord of ascendant Budh Mercury in the third housein watery sign Scorpio. In addition,Rahu aspect directly on Sun. I am Australian citizen. I earn enough, but now I want to open my own business. And I am an engineer would you advice what short of business I should do.

What is timing of visiting abroad and duration? And during which time i should apply for? I will be very thankful to u.. DOB 18th september , Do you think I will work in foreign countries or travel overseas. DOB 05 August time- Do you think i will go to foreign countries. My Date of birth: DOB january 3 , female, time 5. Guruji I wanted to do my further studies in abroad please me do i have foreign yoga in my kundalini for overseas education.

I want to know will i get a visa or not? If not what kind of work should i do here according to my rashi. My husband is a US citizen.

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  4. So please sir tell me when will i get my US visa. My date of birth is 26 oct at 8: When will i get my US visa or there are any chances to get it as soon as possible. Predict my abroad study,love,money , education, marriage. I am an Architect working self-employed in New Delhi. My birth details are following: I have very strong intuition of settling abroad and i am planning to go for further studies.

    I want to know the probability of going and settling abroad. Will I be able to travel to foreign land next year through work? Please answer as its very necessary for me to know. Hi Sir , My name is Debila Mukhopadhyay,I am a software professional who strongly want to go to onsite. Name debila Mukhopadhyay DOB 26th september birth time between 4 to 4: Can u plz tell if i will settle in usa forever with my family or if some kind of pooja needed plz tell me. I will be very thankfull to you. Sir plz try to reply as soon as possible.

    Respected sir,I want to know about my future….. Namasante Guruji, I am interested to know when my husband can get transfer to mumbai at present he is residing in hyderabad his birth date is Sir my date of birth please i am b. I have really read this blog completely and this incident has undergone after a long time. At all, I have felt to bookmark it as this article is awesome. I want to go back to canada again. Venus is in 12th house as per janma-lagna, passing through last phase of Shani. Dasha- Shani, antar-dasha- Moon. Passing through most trying phase of life.

    Will I get a reprieve, either by going abroad or some new job? Need your guidance please. My birth date is In my kundali which one i want to chose for my career like job.. My husband working job in Bahrain and I m in India so I have foreign chances in this or next year if yes so wich month? Namaskar My life has been a complete hell since early schooling. No success in anything, please can anyone tell me what is there for me in my whole life.

    What prayer should be done? If yes then which period? If any chance to go for abroad in birth sigh prasently working.. My dob is 16 Dec timing Hello Sir, My dob is and time is 8. Place of birth — Sitapur U. I want to know if there is any chance of going abroad for job? I am ambitious in my career but not getting fruitful results even after working hard. There are few more points to be considered to predict a foreign journey and settlement abroad.

    In natal chart if the lagna lord or the lord of 4th house sits at 12th house,it makes the person to settle abroad for more years and the time gets triggered during dasha period of 4th lord or 4th lord planets ,7th lord or 7th lord planets ,9th lord or 9th lord planets and 12th lord or 12th lord planets.

    Generally Rahu is the chief significant of foreign travel opportunities and if present at 7th or 12th house in natal chart paves way for sure overseas travels during Rahu dasha period mahadasha,antardasha or bukthi. In the mahadasha period of 9th lord if Rahu comes in Antardasha i. Hi, Currently I am working as a Software Engineer in a multi-national company. I want to go abroad for higher education. Please tell me, do I have a chance to go to foreign?

    Please find the below details: At present i am working as a engineer in Saudi and facing heavy problems and really want to come back to India. The company is not ready to leave me. Please let me know if i have any chance of visiting or permanent job in foreign countries. Please find my below details: I was born on 20th sep at secunderabad at 8: Even if the stars say no, I want to move.

    My name is Debashis Dash. I guess i am going through a rahu dasha and its 12 placed. My question is Do i have any chance of going Abroad? My dob is and time is 8. Place of birth — Hyderabad India. I want to know if there is any chance of going abroad on job? When will i get chance. I am from Faridabad and looking for job in abroad. Below is my birth details. Please let me know if I will go or not. I am from guntur and looking for job in abroad. I am not married yet.

    I am in a relationship with someone who stays in Noida. I just had a chance to go to Dubai and at the very last minute, my trip and job was totally cancelled. Now, I am sitting jobless in home. Will he get his PR soon? My daughter is already a citizen of Australia will my son also get his citizenship?