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Mikao Usui. You will learn Reiki Level I techniques, basic hand positions, self-healing, healing others to become a certified Reiki Practitioner.

Weekend Tarot Predictions For All Zodiac Signs In Astrology, December 8-9, 2018

Please wear comfortable clothes, and be prepared to take notes. She owns her own healing practice, Crystal Haven, and continues to teach and bring the healing arts to those who seek them. Please Note that tickets purchased through Eventbrite have additional fees and are non refundable if you do not attend. Facebook event page. Note that tickets purchased through Eventbrite have additional fees and are non refundable if you do not attend. Walk-ins are welcome but we recommend booking in advance to ensure seating.

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Carl is a multi-generational psychic schooled in Wiccan, Western Esoteric and Yogic traditions. He has 15 years experience as a Tarot teacher and reader,and 20 years experience in the field of mental health in counseling, knowledge and practice of spiritual and metaphysical traditions, psychology, Jungian analysis, dream interpretation and philosophy and has worked successfully with private clients as an intuitive counselor. Facebook event. To purchase tickets via our secure shopping cart see below.

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State for sales tax" choose "no state or province. You will get an email confirmation only, no tickets are mailed. Reiki is pronounced Ray-Kee in the Japanese character system.

Reiki is a Japanese healing touch therapy technique for relaxation and stress reduction. It is a form of energy healing.


The method used is Usui Reiki founded by Dr. This 5 week Reiki 1 Certification course occurs weekly on Mondays starting , , , , We will not meet on November 11, Veterans Day. Reiki is a Japanese healing touch therapy technique for relaxation, stress reduction, energy healing discovered by Dr. As a species we are adaptive but also highly habitual; we can build whole castles for ourselves only to find that we still spend all of our time […].

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A […]. The assumption that intellectual knowing is more valid than intuitive knowing is so pervasive in our culture that we rarely question it. But it is destructive, not only because it renders our experiences so lop-sided, but also because it is based on a hierarchy that […]. When I started doing clinical work, I was struck by how rare it was to hear therapists talk to patients about intuition.

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At that time, I was running groups in a program for people with eating disorders. I knew from experience just how deeply disordered […]. Winter is a time to summon unfelt feelings from the rest of the year that we were too busy and bogged down to process.

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To make cozy, fragrant and airtight vessels of our homes, safe spaces to do emotional alchemy with our extra hours of darkness. Toggle Navigation.

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